Turning of Time - Our Newest Cast Member

Today Joe and I built our newest cast member for Turning of Time. As you can see, our artistry is unparalleled. I think we did a pretty good job at replicating Carlee, who plays Emily, and I think the audience will have a hard time telling the difference between Emily and Rug Emily.

This Friday we start our second shooting block of Turning of Time. It has our first (and definitely not last) scene with Rug Emily as well as the first big scenes with all three Nelson sisters. I'll be posting another update on that when the block is over. Until then, may I present to you: Rug Emily.

She's... beautiful.

She's... beautiful.

Not So Black and White - Editing Begins

Hey everyone, here's a quick update on the Short Film Not So Black and White that we shot back in October 2013. Sam and I sat down today and put together a rough cut. 

Not So Black and White follows the story of a young artist who, in order to combat her loneliness, crafts a friend to keep her company. It was written by Sarah Gibson, shot by Sam Reid and I had the pleasure of directing it. We'll likely release a few more scenes further down the road, but here's a small update on the progress of it!


Next week we have our next block of Turning of Time, I'll be releasing another update of that as soon as we've wrapped the three days.

Turning of Time - 36 Down, 151 to Go

I'm feeling very good right now. We just wrapped up three days of filming with wonderful actors, a dedicated crew and a lot of ridiculousness. January 3rd to 5th were our first three days of The Turning of Time and they were our first, incredibly productive, journey into the convoluted and bizarre world that is this series.

Our first three days were filled with confrontations, betrayals and comas and our next however many days will be filled with even more chaos and plot twists. We shot 36 scenes and only have 151 left. Am I even allowed to say 'only' to that many scenes left? Regardless, the energy on set carried our productivity throughout the shoot and I can't wait for more.

Below are three promo pictures as well as a production diary from our first three days. 

Talk to you all again soon.

Fringe 2014

The stars aligned and decided to give us another go at the Edmonton Fringe Festival. Last year I was lucky enough to write and direct the one act It's Complicated. During this time I was able to meet some new people, work with some great creators and, my favourite part, entertain audiences-- people I have never met before. It's one thing to entertain your Mom or Grandma or something, but some random person who may hate you if they actually knew you? That's a rush. 

That is once again my goal as I begin to write my first draft for the 2014 Festival. I have two ideas that I like equally and I am going to meet that problem in a roundabout way and write both of them. I'll use this blog occasionally to get my thoughts out of my head as the process goes. After all, blogs are essentially talking to yourself in the 21st Century. Then when the Summer comes and we start rehearsing I'll be posting updates on that here as well. This will be my conduit of anticipation for, if the stars can align twice, another wonderful Fringe Festival. 

In the mean time, production on The Turning of Time is about to begin. There will be lots of preview posts coming for that one.