Valiant - Project Announcement

I was approached by my good friend James about shooting a video diary following him and his father building a 1968 Plymouth Valiant. Back in February we were crazy enough to get together in the cold and shoot the first episode. 

This is an officially unofficial project announcement for the 6 part pseudo web series titled 'Valiant'. All six episodes will cover different areas of the build to make the Valiant a badass little machine of death. Slight hyperbole, I admit, but look out for more information and updates on this personal appreciation for vintage cars. 

In the meantime, here is an untreated capture from our first day of shooting. 


This week we have three days of shooting for Turning of Time, so look out for updates on that coming at the end of the weekend and expect more information about Til Death Do Us Part's DVD release on April 1st.