Not So Black and White - Almost There

Here's a picture from the colour correcting process for our newest short film Not So Black and White. The film is nearing its completion and we are pretty excited about it. Today we lined up all of the music from our composer Troy, made a few small changes and then Sam started to work his magic with colour correction.

In the next few weeks we'll likely have an official post about the completion of Not So Black and White as well as a few still images will be released alongside it. 

Not So Black and White - Editing Begins

Hey everyone, here's a quick update on the Short Film Not So Black and White that we shot back in October 2013. Sam and I sat down today and put together a rough cut. 

Not So Black and White follows the story of a young artist who, in order to combat her loneliness, crafts a friend to keep her company. It was written by Sarah Gibson, shot by Sam Reid and I had the pleasure of directing it. We'll likely release a few more scenes further down the road, but here's a small update on the progress of it!


Next week we have our next block of Turning of Time, I'll be releasing another update of that as soon as we've wrapped the three days.