Turning of Time - 135 Down, 52 to Go

We finished up another shooting block of The Turning of Time. The stories are coming together in their convoluted web of confusion. We are nearing the end, after this we have about 4 days left in the schedule. That is very exciting.

This block had us introducing a new character, wrapping up two characters and filming one of our climaxes. Everybody worked hard (as per usual with these all these kick ass people) and we ended up with a lot of very funny material captured. Soon we're going to be beginning the editing of this beast and I could not be more excited. I used that turn of phrase correctly, right?

As I mentioned above we wrapped two of our characters during this block. I am going to continue my trend that I started in the last update and talk a bit about these wrapped characters.

Our first big wrapped character is Janine Nelson. Janine was pushed into the Grand Canyon when she was very young by one of her sisters. She was saved by a pack of wolves and raised by them. When she was strong enough she climbed her way out of the Grand Canyon and came back for revenge. Janine is portrayed by Sarah Gibson who was a big piece in our newest short film Not So Black and White. I'm extremely happy she was able to be a part of The Turning of Time's ridiculous cast. She made Janine a very engaging character to watch and was the one responsible with coming up with the idea of Janine's feral upbringing. It's those quirks that'll make me miss shooting scenes with Janine.

Our second wrapped character is the world famous private eye Ace Hart. Ace Hart is tasked with two very important jobs in The Turning of Time. One of them is to track down and arrest Janine Nelson. He has been chasing her for some time and, in the end, Ace Hart knows he won't stop until he gets his man. His second task is to help Damien track down Emily after he goes missing. Ace is played by Riley MacDonnell and, well, his embodiment of the character was incredible. When Joe and I wrote the series we had a certain vision for Ace Hart and Riley took what we put on the page and really ripped Ace Hart out and put him on the screen. 

That's it for now, we'll have some more updates on the last four days of Turning of Time soon.

Sunday School - Writer's Table Read

Last night Mitchell, Eric, James and I all sat down and had our second writer's table read for the upcoming webseries Sunday School. The project has been moving along at a great pace and we're getting the scripts tighter and more coherent with each read. Below is a small video from the table read of a clip from Episode 2. In this episode Mitchell has brought the four friends together to reveal his newest business idea: selling lemonade on the streets as 25 year olds...

He's a dreamer.

Not So Black and White - Almost There

Here's a picture from the colour correcting process for our newest short film Not So Black and White. The film is nearing its completion and we are pretty excited about it. Today we lined up all of the music from our composer Troy, made a few small changes and then Sam started to work his magic with colour correction.

In the next few weeks we'll likely have an official post about the completion of Not So Black and White as well as a few still images will be released alongside it. 

Turning of Time - 117 Down, 70 to Go

After 10 wonderful days of filming we're in a great position to close out the last two months and final 70 scenes of The Turning of Time. During the last three days of filming we not only broke the halfway mark of the entire shoot, but, for once, the X Down, Y to Go is looking incredibly positive. Two months down and 70 scenes to go: the end is legitimately in sight. As opposed to saying that we were close with 80% of the series left to shoot I can now accurately say that we are close with only 40% of the series left to go.

The last three days focused on Christopher's conflict with his evil twin, Abigail's attempt at kidnapping Emily and Emily's engagement to Andrew. Here are the promo pictures from the last three days:

In addition to getting all those scenes shot we also wrapped one of our 11 main characters throughout the series. Whenever one of the big characters wrap up I want to do a little write up on that character to lead up to the more official character previews coming out in the Summer.

We wrapped Emily Roland, played by the wonderful Carlee, on Sunday. Emily is the daughter of the rich and successful Damien Roland and throughout the series she is caught in a struggle between the love of her father and the love of the people working to take her father's money. She also has an unfortunate tendency for winding up kidnapped... 

Here is a little 'wrap' picture for the character.


Valiant - Project Announcement

I was approached by my good friend James about shooting a video diary following him and his father building a 1968 Plymouth Valiant. Back in February we were crazy enough to get together in the cold and shoot the first episode. 

This is an officially unofficial project announcement for the 6 part pseudo web series titled 'Valiant'. All six episodes will cover different areas of the build to make the Valiant a badass little machine of death. Slight hyperbole, I admit, but look out for more information and updates on this personal appreciation for vintage cars. 

In the meantime, here is an untreated capture from our first day of shooting. 


This week we have three days of shooting for Turning of Time, so look out for updates on that coming at the end of the weekend and expect more information about Til Death Do Us Part's DVD release on April 1st. 

Til Death Do Us Part Rises From The Grave To DVD At Last!

At long last, 201 Pictures is happy to announce the release of Justin Cauti's Til Death Do Us Part on special edition DVD! Featuring the film in the best quality possible on DVD and hours of extras, this release is the perfect companion to other horror DVDs from 201 Pictures like The Welder (2011) and Decay (2011).

Look for the official release on April Fool's Day 04/01/14.


-High definition digital transfer of the film approved by director Justin Cauti  & cinematographer Sam Reid with uncompressed 2.0 PCM stereo and 2.0 Dolby  stereo   

-Three commentaries by Cauti, Reid & producer Cody Boyd & actor Daniel Stilwell

-Still frame galleries including the complete shooting script & call sheets and emails   

-Six Documentaries: Premeditated: Pre-production   Crime of Passion: Production Overview    Roadside Anxiety:  Production - Sherwood Park     Worms and Dirt: Production - St. Albert   Rick-O-Mortis: Special Make-up Effects   One-Sheet: Creating the Poster   

-Multiple Featurettes Including: Camera Tests   Blood and Bubbles B-Roll   The Look of Til Death    Sliced Footage with optional commentary by Reid

-Eight Internet Webisodes including the unreleased finale and an introduction from Cauti and Reid   

-Scene progression reels examining the difference between the rough cut and final cut of the film with optional commentary by Reid   

-Behind the scenes still gallery featuring over 300 images

The Official Cover Art

The Official Cover Art

Turning of Time - 81 Down, 106 to Go

The wheels are still moving for The Turning of Time because on February 26th we wrapped up our seventh day of filming. We completed a bunch of scenes with Joyce, Janis and Marcus bringing us up to 81 scenes in the can. This leaves us at 43 percent through the entire monster and just on the cusp of the halfway point. 

In the next coming weeks we should be updating on the state of some of our projects currently in the pipeline as well as revealing another project that should be seeing the light of day around the same time as The Turning of Time.

The Turning of Time releases September 21st, 2014 by the way, so start getting excited and planning your soap opera themed première parties for then. However on our end, here's to three months more of filming this delightful project!

Here is a promo picture from the seventh day of filming!

Marcus is shocked to learn that Janis was not nearly as dead as he thought she was.

Marcus is shocked to learn that Janis was not nearly as dead as he thought she was.

Sunday School - Project Announcement

We are very excited to announce a new web series currently in preproduction at 201 Pictures. The series is called Sunday School and is being written by myself, Mitchell Bosecke, Eric Leonhardt and James Wilkinson.

The story follows four friends who are trying to make a lemonade stand business. Not oblivious to the difficulty such a job would be in their mid-twenties, the group will do whatever it can to crush all other lemonade stands that compete with them. I'll assure you there will definitely be some competition.

The series will be 6 episodes that we'll be filming this Summer from June until August or September, right after The Turning of Time wraps. We're very excited for this project, as you can see in this picture of us completing the first draft of the second episode.

James, Mitchell and Eric can hardly contain themselves.

James, Mitchell and Eric can hardly contain themselves.

We'll definitely be posting more updates as we get further into this project, but that's still months away and we have a whole other web series and a few short films to produce in the mean time. 

Stay tuned to more coming soon.

Turning of Time - 65 Down, 122 to Go

One month ago we finished our first three days of The Turning of Time, and yesterday we wrapped up days 4, 5 and 6. Within these three days we saw the first scenes with our three remaining main characters: Janine, Janis and Marcus. We also saw the first appearance of Rug Emily and she certainly showed us a thing or two about acting. 

At this point we have shot a big chunk of scenes in our two biggest locations and now we are moving on to shooting the bits and pieces that fill in everywhere else. It was our goal to have 20% of the series shot a month and by February 3rd we are sitting at a very comfortable 35%. Of course, there is still 65% of this beast left to shoot, so there will still be a lot more to come.

Unfortunately, we were in a rush when shooting our production diary and the sound didn't come through. It bums me out because the production diary had all three Nelson sisters giving a small introduction to their character. With my 'power' of reading lips, I'm going to do my best to type out their one sentence description of each character here.

Joyce: The oldest sister, an evil and manipulative bitch.
Janine: Back for revenge after surviving in the Grand Canyon for thirteen years.
Janis: Doing all she can to ensure she makes it out alive between her two sisters.

It's not the same as the production diary, I assure you, but that's a bit of a description on all three of our wonderful (and sometimes evil) Nelson sisters. 

With that, here are the three production stills from our second block of filming: