Party Tricks - The First Three Days

It's been too long since we've posted here, but we've definitely been busy. Since our last post, a whopping four months ago, we have seen the release of The Turning of Time and the wrapping of Sunday School. (Speaking of, Sunday School releases next week: April 1st.) We have also found ourselves pulled at the Fringe lottery again, so Fringe 2015 will definitely be a thing. The subject of today's blog post is specifically regarding our newest short film: Party Tricks.

Party Tricks is a dark comedy that we've had brewing for some time. Originally written in 2013 it follows two couples at a dinner party. One couple, Nathan and Jennifer, are nervous-- they're new to this sort of thing-- they want nothing more than to impress their new potential friends. Their guests arrive, Johnathon and Allie, and the two seem a little bit off. Nathan and Jennifer hope to steer the night back on track with a little surprise, but each couple have their own idea of what makes their own 'dark secrets' fun.


We're done our first block of shooting and pick up shooting the second half Friday March 27th. Our last day is March 30th. I have to admit that it's nice to have a full project all shot within two weeks as opposed to the 6 month long affair that was The Turning of Time and Sunday School. 

So far the actors have been absolutely tearing this project up. Sam has been making it look more beautiful than ever and the crew has been on their a-game. Not to mention Laura, our make up artist, has been making sure the actors look particularly bloody and beat up when they need to be. I'm excited to get back on set, as I write this retrospective I get giddy at the idea of being on set again. Four days of shooting left and some of the best stuff left to film, I can't wait-- even though I have to.

Until next time, which will hopefully be a lot sooner than last time, Justin