Sunday School - Block 2 and 3 Wrap Up

The first half of September has been a month of hitting the grindstone with our webseries Sunday School. We shot over 6 days and have passed the halfway point in the project. We have six days scheduled in October, and here's hoping the weather cooperates. If you don't know what Sunday School is about, check out its page here.

During our six days we saw the first sign of activity from the lemonade stand that acts as the catalyst for the majority of the story within the six episode series.We also saw the first glimpse of the 'rival juice stand', you can find their picture below. The biggest chunk we filmed was the wrapping of our climax. A huge confrontation between the two drink stands, leaving one as the victor and the other as the unanimous loser.

What's up for the rest of September? This Saturday, the 20th, we'll be taking part in the 24/One Film Festival in Edmonton. We'll be doing this alongside Guerrilla Motion Pictures, co-producers of Sunday School. At the end of the month we'll be filming an EP release for a local band and then starting in October we're back to Sunday School.

Until next time.