Turning of Time - Poster Release

Hey everybody, Justin here with a few small updates on the state of The Turning of Time. First off, and the most exciting bit of news, Sam has begun his editing on the series. He's all finished up the first cut for Episode 1 and is making his way through Episode 2. There's still a lot of work leading up towards our première in September. We need to run around and film a chunk of establishing shots, record some voice over, ADR and more for each episode, but this is all a walk in the park in comparison to our seven months of filming.

Sam has also designed a wonderful poster for The Turning of Time. Featuring all eleven cast members in their glory, it can be found here:

Currently our tentative release date for Episode 1 is Sunday September 21st. What better way to ring in Autumn than with an over dramatic soap opera comedy? The season was made for this. Of course, this is all subject to change, but we'll be throwing up updates here as we go. Expect a lot of previews coming out closer to release.

For the time being I'm going to be nose deep in the Edmonton Fringe Festival for our performance of Gumshoe. In early September we're diving back into and hopefully wrapping Sunday School. Our video diary series Valiant is also going steady. There will be more exciting things to come, but for the time being this is what's on 201 Pictures' plate.