Turning of Time - 187 Down, 0 to Go

Holy hell. It's all done. 

Today we wrapped up the last eleven scenes of The Turning of Time. The weather cooperated, then mosquitoes were plentiful and the tears were... well, nobody cried in public but I'm sure when everyone got home at least one of us bawled for a good half hour. I'm not speaking from experience. Stop looking at me. Go to the next paragraph and forget I even brought this up.

Next for Turning of Time? Sam and I are sitting down and beginning the editing. We're damn excited for it. This is the stage where we get to enjoy our previous six months of work come together. It still hasn't hit me fully that we're done this. Joe and I started writing this series back in June 2013. Now, just over a year later we're able to say that the first season is finished. Nineteen days of shooting, eleven main actors and one hundred and eighty seven scenes later... the madness of Turning of Time is done-- for now.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly one character as the 'lead' in The Turning of Time, as all story lines intertwine like some sort of convoluted spider web. But Andrew Naider has the most scenes out of all the actors, so that makes him the winner. What does he win? He wins a life, as his actor put, that is like living a perpetual nightmare. He has no identity and constantly tries to shape himself out as whoever gives him the most attention. Andrew is played by Patrick Maloney and Patrick brought a certain ugliness to Andrew that was almost unimaginable. How this ugliness came to be is a bit of a surprise that will come out later when the series premières, but it's... something else.

Next up on our wrap list is Damien Roland. Damien is a super successful business magnate who currently owns about 95% of North America. This is a true fact, take my word for it and don't look it up. In Turning of Time land Damien always has a target on his back due to his millions upon millions of riches. He's currently married to Abigail (his twelfth marriage) and loves his daughter Emily almost as much as he loves his money. Almost. Damien is played by James Wilkinson. James looks damn good in a suit-- this is probably the thing that made him most like Damien to me. Also the fact that I secretly believe James owns 95% of North America. Lizard people are real, the illuminati... WAKE UP SHEEPLE.

The last character to wrap, and the last scene we shot, featured the Doctor. He doesn't have a name. When people ask for it he just assures them that he knows what he's doing. No one is exactly sure if he has any medical training, but he's always there to help when somebody gets sick or falls into a coma. The Doctor is played by Mitchell Bosecke and he brought a certain zaniness to the character that made Joe and I write an additional scene with him. This craziness works because the Doctor is a very weird character. His wrap picture sums him up perfectly.

What's next beyond the editing of The Turning of Time? There's a few more shooting dates for Valiant before we wrap that project. On Tuesday we're diving into our next series Sunday School. That's starting shooting this month. See you all when that starts updating!