Turning of Time - 163 Down, 24 to Go

We had two days of filming this week for The Turning of Time. One of them was rained out, which was unfortunate but when you're at the whim of Alberta weather you sometimes need to sit back and let it do its thing. The other day was a great day of shooting which saw yet another character wrapped. We're getting to the point of the shoot that every shooting day ends with another actor leaving the production and it's always bitter sweet. It's nice to be moving along with the project and knocking on the door of the final shot, but it sucks to say goodbye to these fantastic actors and their characters. Maybe we'll see them again if we're crazy enough to do a second season.

Today's shoot involved filming a part of the climax of the whole series. I'm not going to go into too much detail about what it contains, but know that it involves a heated exchange on a bridge. Also that somehow during filming today one of our donut props went over the side and we mournfully watched it float away. So that's what I'm sharing so far: the end involves a bridge and donuts-- hopefully that's enough to pique your interest.

Here's our promo picture from today:

Christopher scolds Andrew for his accusations towards Abigail.

Christopher scolds Andrew for his accusations towards Abigail.

Today we said goodbye to Christopher King. Since his youth Christopher has always been attempting to get out of the shadow of his evil twin brother. When he thought he was free of it his brother, Raymond, clawed his way back to him. Now he is forced to take some drastic actions that will come back to bite him and a few other characters in The Turning of Time in the process. Christopher is portrayed by Daniel Stilwell and he's absolutely wonderful. Shoot days with Dan are some of my favourites and I've loved working with him ever since our first project together, Til Death Do Us Part. In this series Dan had the challenge of playing more than one character, sometimes at once, and he made it look easy. I know I had a hard enough time just playing Marcus.

If all goes well and Alberta weather cooperates we'll have the Turning of Time wrapped in two more days. Until next time!