Turning of Time - 176 Down, 11 to Go

After our eighteenth day of filming I am able to count how many scenes are left to go on two hands. (I have a bizarre pinky-like growth on my right hand, don't ask.) We have one day left to go and, if weather is kind, we will hopefully be wrapped on July 6th. 

That means that we need to start editing this monstrosity. That also means we'll be getting some actual footage previews coming your way. We are still on track to our September 21st première and what better way to celebrate the start of Fall with a soap opera parody?

Here is the promo picture from today's shoot!


During our eighteenth day we wrapped Abigail Roland. Abigail Roland is a black widow, the only two things she cares about in life are herself and money. Throughout the series Abigail aligns herself with whoever gives her the best chance of succeeding in her goal and she doesn't care who she hurts in the process. She also has an evil maniacal laugh to die. Abigail is played by Sarah Ormandy. Sarah ripped Abigail off the page perfectly and, thanks to her countless supplies of weird outfits, made Abigail's ever changing wardrobe a huge aspect of her character. She also told me Abigail was just like her-- I don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing, but luckily nobody on set mysteriously slipped into a coma.

Hopefully our next update is the wrap update.