Turning of Time - 158 Down, 29 to Go

We're getting close. After our latest two days of filming we've gotten 85% through the series. Four more filming days are planned and, if all goes well, the fourth one will be the end of the shoot. Over these two days we also wrapped three of our lovable characters. Okay, one of them is a villain in the series, but they're like our children-- we love all of them equally.

Now let's talk a bit more in detail about our wrapped characters.

The first up is Joyce Nelson. Joyce is the oldest of the three Nelson sisters and is also the most manipulative of the three. While they were children she convinced one of her sisters, Janis, to push her other sister, Janine, into the Grand Canyon. She's only gotten better at it since then. Joyce is played by Taylor Cameron who is one of the cast members I've known since high school. After we graduated I moved away for school but, like a clock that turns time, this project brought us back together as colleagues. I am overjoyed I had the chance to work with her again because she brought such justice to the performance. With her it always seemed like the gears behind Joyce's head were turning.

Next up is Janis Nelson, the third and final Nelson sister (although, I shouldn't get ahead of myself.) Janis is the sister who is stuck in the middle between the blood feud of her sisters. To make matters worse, the love of her life loves both her AND her sister. We'll get to him in a second though. Janis is portrayed by Beth Kuban. When I had my first sit down meeting with Beth I told her about the three levels of characters in Turning of Time. One level was the good, one level was the bad and the final level was the stupid. Janis is one of the few good characters in the series. Beth succeeded phenomenally in bringing this out in her performance as Janis. It made all the unfortunate happenings to Janis even that much more unfortunate. She rounded out the Nelson sisters perfectly.

Our last wrapped character is Marcus Greene. Marcus is a very rich man due to his co-ownership of a jewel mine with Damien Roland. He is very quick to fall in love with anyone who shows him attention and is definitely not the brightest man around. He falls into the idiot level of our character pyramid. He swears that Joyce is the love of his life, although before that Janis was given this title. This was all simple until Janis returned from the 'dead' and now he finds himself equally in love with two women. Marcus is played by me, Justin Cauti, and there isn't much to say about myself beyond the fact that I'm an asshole.

Until next time!