Turning of Time - 135 Down, 52 to Go

We finished up another shooting block of The Turning of Time. The stories are coming together in their convoluted web of confusion. We are nearing the end, after this we have about 4 days left in the schedule. That is very exciting.

This block had us introducing a new character, wrapping up two characters and filming one of our climaxes. Everybody worked hard (as per usual with these all these kick ass people) and we ended up with a lot of very funny material captured. Soon we're going to be beginning the editing of this beast and I could not be more excited. I used that turn of phrase correctly, right?

As I mentioned above we wrapped two of our characters during this block. I am going to continue my trend that I started in the last update and talk a bit about these wrapped characters.

Our first big wrapped character is Janine Nelson. Janine was pushed into the Grand Canyon when she was very young by one of her sisters. She was saved by a pack of wolves and raised by them. When she was strong enough she climbed her way out of the Grand Canyon and came back for revenge. Janine is portrayed by Sarah Gibson who was a big piece in our newest short film Not So Black and White. I'm extremely happy she was able to be a part of The Turning of Time's ridiculous cast. She made Janine a very engaging character to watch and was the one responsible with coming up with the idea of Janine's feral upbringing. It's those quirks that'll make me miss shooting scenes with Janine.

Our second wrapped character is the world famous private eye Ace Hart. Ace Hart is tasked with two very important jobs in The Turning of Time. One of them is to track down and arrest Janine Nelson. He has been chasing her for some time and, in the end, Ace Hart knows he won't stop until he gets his man. His second task is to help Damien track down Emily after he goes missing. Ace is played by Riley MacDonnell and, well, his embodiment of the character was incredible. When Joe and I wrote the series we had a certain vision for Ace Hart and Riley took what we put on the page and really ripped Ace Hart out and put him on the screen. 

That's it for now, we'll have some more updates on the last four days of Turning of Time soon.