Turning of Time - 117 Down, 70 to Go

After 10 wonderful days of filming we're in a great position to close out the last two months and final 70 scenes of The Turning of Time. During the last three days of filming we not only broke the halfway mark of the entire shoot, but, for once, the X Down, Y to Go is looking incredibly positive. Two months down and 70 scenes to go: the end is legitimately in sight. As opposed to saying that we were close with 80% of the series left to shoot I can now accurately say that we are close with only 40% of the series left to go.

The last three days focused on Christopher's conflict with his evil twin, Abigail's attempt at kidnapping Emily and Emily's engagement to Andrew. Here are the promo pictures from the last three days:

In addition to getting all those scenes shot we also wrapped one of our 11 main characters throughout the series. Whenever one of the big characters wrap up I want to do a little write up on that character to lead up to the more official character previews coming out in the Summer.

We wrapped Emily Roland, played by the wonderful Carlee, on Sunday. Emily is the daughter of the rich and successful Damien Roland and throughout the series she is caught in a struggle between the love of her father and the love of the people working to take her father's money. She also has an unfortunate tendency for winding up kidnapped... 

Here is a little 'wrap' picture for the character.