Sunday School - Project Announcement

We are very excited to announce a new web series currently in preproduction at 201 Pictures. The series is called Sunday School and is being written by myself, Mitchell Bosecke, Eric Leonhardt and James Wilkinson.

The story follows four friends who are trying to make a lemonade stand business. Not oblivious to the difficulty such a job would be in their mid-twenties, the group will do whatever it can to crush all other lemonade stands that compete with them. I'll assure you there will definitely be some competition.

The series will be 6 episodes that we'll be filming this Summer from June until August or September, right after The Turning of Time wraps. We're very excited for this project, as you can see in this picture of us completing the first draft of the second episode.

James, Mitchell and Eric can hardly contain themselves.

James, Mitchell and Eric can hardly contain themselves.

We'll definitely be posting more updates as we get further into this project, but that's still months away and we have a whole other web series and a few short films to produce in the mean time. 

Stay tuned to more coming soon.