Turning of Time - 65 Down, 122 to Go

One month ago we finished our first three days of The Turning of Time, and yesterday we wrapped up days 4, 5 and 6. Within these three days we saw the first scenes with our three remaining main characters: Janine, Janis and Marcus. We also saw the first appearance of Rug Emily and she certainly showed us a thing or two about acting. 

At this point we have shot a big chunk of scenes in our two biggest locations and now we are moving on to shooting the bits and pieces that fill in everywhere else. It was our goal to have 20% of the series shot a month and by February 3rd we are sitting at a very comfortable 35%. Of course, there is still 65% of this beast left to shoot, so there will still be a lot more to come.

Unfortunately, we were in a rush when shooting our production diary and the sound didn't come through. It bums me out because the production diary had all three Nelson sisters giving a small introduction to their character. With my 'power' of reading lips, I'm going to do my best to type out their one sentence description of each character here.

Joyce: The oldest sister, an evil and manipulative bitch.
Janine: Back for revenge after surviving in the Grand Canyon for thirteen years.
Janis: Doing all she can to ensure she makes it out alive between her two sisters.

It's not the same as the production diary, I assure you, but that's a bit of a description on all three of our wonderful (and sometimes evil) Nelson sisters. 

With that, here are the three production stills from our second block of filming: