Overtime - A 24one Retrospective

Overtime, a short film that we shot with Guerrilla Motion Pictures is set for release on Friday. I figured now would be as good of a time as any to talk about it a little bit. A little recap about the whole day of shooting.

On Saturday September 20th, Justin Kueber and I created the aptly named team '201 Guerrillas' and stood eagerly at the downtown Farmer's Market awaiting our prop and theme. What we got was a confetti popper and the selection between three different phrases said by recently deceased celebrities. Him and I travelled down to Press'd in the bowels of City Centre to plan out our short film. Our initial idea was something with an editing style akin to 24, but that idea left pretty quickly as we are much better writers than we are cinematographers or editors. We still kept a bit of our ambition with a phone conversation that would be split screened between the two actors. (This... also didn't end up happening in post, but we could dream, right?)

We had our idea: a man trapped over night in his office. He would slowly become more and more 'crazy' as the night went on and would unleash his inner child. This would all end with his douchebag boss coming in and being a douchebag to him culminating in the confetti popper being brought in somehow. We left Press'd and headed to my place to write the script. After an extremely quick writing session we finished our script and were ready to start shooting.

Shooting started at 2 PM in that day, 3 hours after the start time and we were optimistic. Our shoot had two locations, three actors and was relatively simple. My hubris got the best of me and I lauded on about how we would be eating dinner by 6 and be finished editing by 1. We'd be sleeping well that night. Of course, hubris is usually humbled viciously and we wrapped our shooting nearly by 9. Still quite good, a 7 hour shoot for a 7 page script, but nowhere near my original and outrageous prediction.

The shoot went so well due to the work of our terrific actors Sarah and Patrick, but especially of our lead actor AJ. He was always up for whatever we asked of him and he took the little time we had and threw out an amazing performance with it. He was the glue that held the short together and he rocked it.

We sat down for dinner at 10 PM at a small little bar near my place. Music trivia was happening that night. The waitress asked us if we wanted to play. We had to politely decline, we had work to do. We returned home, the footage had rendered and we were ready to kick its ass. The first cut happened at 11:30 PM and the final rendering of the finished project started at 4:30 AM. The editing went incredibly smoothly with me seated in the editing chair and Justin and AJ sitting behind me providing pointers, energy and support.

Justin took the USB stick with our footage into the jury at 9:30 AM on the 21st and we awaited eagerly for the showcase the following Saturday. At the showcase they said they'd show ten short films of the 36 entries. I was there as the tenth short played and we weren't in it. You can't get too disappointed by something like that, the filming and editing experience itself are what's worth it in the end. These thoughts were cut short as, a surprise to everyone, an 11th film was shown. Overtime by 201 Guerrillas. We got some good laughs at the gags in the short and I survived the showing without sinking too much into my chair. I don't do too well at showcases of our work.

Awards were given out after the showcase and we walked away with three awards. Best Actor, Best Editing and Best Sound Design. It was a huge honour and I wish Justin and AJ were there with me. I didn't do too well at an acceptance speech and I know they would've said something great. Maybe something along the lines of Sam Jackson's monologue in Coach Carter. I've given AJ his trophy for Best Actor and Justin took the Best Sound Design trophy for himself. It was an awesome experience working with two people I've never had the chance to work with before. I hope you like Overtime when you see it and I hope you like whatever 201 Guerrilla's work is in next year's 24one Film Festival even more.