Turning of Time - 36 Down, 151 to Go

I'm feeling very good right now. We just wrapped up three days of filming with wonderful actors, a dedicated crew and a lot of ridiculousness. January 3rd to 5th were our first three days of The Turning of Time and they were our first, incredibly productive, journey into the convoluted and bizarre world that is this series.

Our first three days were filled with confrontations, betrayals and comas and our next however many days will be filled with even more chaos and plot twists. We shot 36 scenes and only have 151 left. Am I even allowed to say 'only' to that many scenes left? Regardless, the energy on set carried our productivity throughout the shoot and I can't wait for more.

Below are three promo pictures as well as a production diary from our first three days. 

Talk to you all again soon.